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1..."The Past"
2..."Behind The Beauty"
3..."Heaven´s Kingdom Will Be Yours"
4..."Broken Heart"
5..."Visions Of The New End"
7..."My Time Has Come"
8..."Welcome To The Real World"
9..."Eternal Night"
10..."Heaven´s Kingdom".


J Cobos - (Voz y Guitarra)
T Aguirrebeitia - (Guitarra)
E. Mulas - (Bajo)
M. Maese - (Batería).

Músicos colaboradores: 

Alberto Rionda - (Teclados) (*)
Rafael Ferreira
Rakel  Guridi.


(Junio - 1998)


(Donosti Rock//Arise Records)


(Alberto Rionda y Etenernal Night)

Estudios de grabación: 

(Shot! Studios - San Sebastián - España)

Fecha de grabación: 

(Marzo - 1998)


(Power Metal)


(España - San Sebastián)


(Luis Royo)







(Heaven´s Kingdom Will Be Yours - 1998) (*)



1) "The Past" 

The past is like the light of a lamp
Placed at the gate of the future
To chase out part of the darkness
...That sorrounds it, sorrounds it.

2) "Behind The Beauty" 

Broken dreams for a lie
In a place called eternity for you
Again hidden the truth
In the silence
That will always be there
With words telling you which is your fate
The long way inviting you to maintain
All your feelings you leave behind all the hate and the pain

Where are my desires? I don´t find them
Perhaps they are dying
I think i was dreaming. Which is my fate?
But, who is crying?

I don´t know why i cannot see you forever
Somebody´s behind the beauty

But it´s forever
It´s forever
I cannot change it now

We are the betrayers of hopes and dreams
waiting for the end
Looking for reflections in the darkness
In a place os sadness

Livin´ in the past
It´s just a lost time
But behind the beauty
everything is emptiness
Poison in your darkest cries
Fear in your sleepless nights
The dreams end and the nightmare start

You do not know what you have
Till your life betrays you
Everything is wasted when the youth is gone
There will be a tomorrow
Where your dreams and tears can shine
With this you travel through the light

When the rain is falling on a blaze
There will always be a brave
It´s just the beginning of thr end

Prisoner of time
Today´s the first day
Of the rest of your new life

3) "Heaven´s Kingdom Will Be Yours" 

I am the lord of death
I am the guardians of eternal skies
I am the chosen one
I´ve got the sense of life
I can read in your mind
I am the faith I am fire and ice

I cannot but yours secret feelings
Meanwhile you dream in silence
Meanwhile i rule the darkness
Can you see behind the mirror?
Can you spreak in silence all your life?
Look for my mind

Open the gates and pray for my soul
I was never born, i´ll never die
I´ll never free my secret lies
Open the gates and pray for my soul
For me and you

Bless the light of darkest flames
Bless the silence, bless the faith
My visions show me your face
Heaven´s kingdom will be yours
Heaven´s kingdom will be yours

Where´s your light?
Where´s your bright?
Hidding tears you´ll never see your eyes
You´re alive
Look for me
If you cry you´ll never see your tears

When i can command the wind
The fire and my tears
I´ll give you my horizons and my heart
I have been crying now
And my windows will have fallen down
But by then i´ll have the answers and your love, your love

Touch the sky with my hands
See as the lies burn in hell
Wait for me when i´m free
Cry for me
Pray for me when i´m a sinner
Only a sinner.

4) "Broken Heart" 

Reflections in the dark when the light is gone
Pleasure and pain forgotten when the storm falls

Victim of desire, a victim of myself
It´s only a betrayal like the shadows in the rain

If you go it wil be my end
My dreams won´t take long to escape
From these sad tears to the inside of my jail
You have been as cold as ice
My pain just can´t say goodbye
Broken heart
It´s my broken heart
It´s my broken heart
It´´s my broken heart
Broken heart

My time has come and i see the wings of night
I hear the voices that cry in my suicide

Lonely in the dark, waiting for the end
Now i need a reason to believe beyond the pain.

5) "Visions Of The New End" 

Your bussiness is killing me
You don´t care if someone can die
You love the sound of money
But someday you´ll have to cry

The end is near here and you don´t care
Sell your guns and they will die
Cause hate doesn´t let you see
The eternal genocide

Livin´ in an age of darkness
Livin´ in a time of sadness

Before i die
I want to live in silence
Before i die
I have to walk the last way
Before i die
Remenber me and forget
Before i die
I have to find the prophet

Visions, Visions, Visions
Visions, Visions, Visions
There only visions
Visions of the new end
Visions of the new end
There only visions

This can be the last dawn
I´ve to find my place of rest
You run towards the light
But you´ll never break the chains

Behind the beauty death is warning me
The prophets know my destiny
I can´t hide my sadest tears
Victim of my fantasy

My time has come
And now it´s too late
Someday i have to die.

6) "Mystery" 

Another day alone
Only your eternal love will save me, will save me
I´ve got you in my mind
This can be the last night to save me
Save my heart

I want you, i need you
I will break my chains
If you believe in me
I can come back again

If you don´t find the words to tell me now
It´s because our past was speaking before us

I am dying´ cause i haven´t got you
It´s like a blind secret screaming fire
You are world and my desire

I cannot trust in my incertain future
Sometimes love´s like a warrior crying fear
Your love´s a false llusion

My life is lonely like the wings of wind
That fly possessed in the sky
I show my love, i show my honestly
I know i have done all i can

In the mirror of your soul
I see your face
I feel your mystery, mystery
I hear your echo on the wind
Like fire burning within fire
You will find my soul in mystery
Find my endless love
Find my soul in mystery
Find my endless love

Welcome to my new imaginations
I am lost without you but i can feel
That this labyrinth won´t be the same

Don´t be cruel with me when i can fall down
Don´t you see that all i do is to show my dreams?
The wheel of love is rounding

I cross the bridge to look for another land
I leave the river of the faith
I walk alone like a devil in disguise
Only awaiting the last time

Day by day i will burn in my hell
I cannot think, i cannot live
Love is like a war, love is like a war.

7) "My Time Has Come" 

10)   See the red skies crossing horizons
Listen to whispers before the storm
My time is coming
I will never forget which is my eternal lie
It´s just a lost promises in paradise
Listen to silence and close your eyes
My time is coming
I´ll be born again because i´ve been dreaming

Behind the beauty my soul will be eternal

There is a place without temptations and tears
My time has come
My time has come
Don´t forget me and I´ll be born again

My time has come

My time has come
My time has come

I can sleep with this travel

My time has come 
My time has come
The dark light is shining
And I´ve got to follow the light
My time has come
My time has come

Cry for me and be my eyes when I cannot see

And be my ears when I cannot hear
My time is coming
But I´m walking on the trail of tears
Remember me
Take me away into the darkness
And god will give me inmortality
My time is coming
But my heart will never die between us

Don´t cry for me

I will return to light your eyes
Don´t cry for me
I will return to forgive your lies.

8) "Welcome To The Real World" 

In your magic mirro
I can see behind the beauty and the pain
The words are a lie
I can see my fatasies
I see the wings of night flying in the skies
It´s my last time

Freedom, Freedom, Freedom
For my agony and my last way
Freedom, Freedom, Freedom
To sleep in my place of rest

I don´t feel any pain in my mind
There´s no hate, there´s no love in my heart
It´s my end and i have to wait for
My eternal night

Born into a grave
Born into a grave
Born into a grave
Born into a grave

Can you see?
Can you hear?
Can you live in this wonderful land?
Welcome to the real world.

9) "Eternal Night" 

Sielnce whispers cries
In an empty light
Like the shadows waiting us from darkness
When our time is coming
Cry for me, Cry for me, Cry for me
And pray in the eternal night

I´ll never forget your name
Nevermore, Nevermore
Even if the dawn never comes
Nevermore, Nevermore
My heart is death
And my soul is dying

Look for paradise
In your soul
Listen to my words
There´s no pain in this nightmare
Look for paradise
In your soul
Black will turn into white
And your tears will cry

Silenc whispers my name
When it sees the hidden moon
Silence whispers my name
My dreams are so true
Silenc whispers my name
Heavens´ kingdom will be yours
The souls never lie
And behind the beauty you´ll find your life

Prisoner of endless pain
Nevermore, Nevermore
You can´t lie under the rain
Nevermore, Nevermore
My day is close
But my soul is being born

Eternal night through the light
Don´t fear the dark
Eternal night through the light
Don´t fear the dark
Eternal night through the light
Don´t fear the dark
Eternal night through the light
Don´´t fear the dark for me
Rest in peace.

10) "Heaven´s Kingdom" 



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  1. Vaya recuerdos. Cuando el Power se abría camino. Un estilo muy en la onda de Blind Guardian. No sonaban mal.


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